5 best seascapes in art history

seascape painting

  1. Leonardo da Vinci and his ‘Bird’s Eye View of the Sea Coast’

Leonardo da Vinci is a pioneer in creating uncommon images of the sea. He portrays the global water space as a bird’s eye panorama. This seascape painting is like an ancient map that depicts the seaside – a board line where sea and earth come together. Thus, the artist tries to highlight not only the local beauty of the seaside, water mirror or storm, but the immense geographic spread of the World’s water as well. Continue reading 5 best seascapes in art history

Ultimate guide to canvas painting

best paintings

Canvas painting is an old and noble kind of art. Some of the best paintings in history were created using this medium. When you first buy a canvas and prop it up on your easel, it seems you’ll never get the hang of. But, like everything else, it simply requires some practice. Let’s reproduce the process of canvas painting step by step for you to get a clear idea of how it should be done. Continue reading Ultimate guide to canvas painting

Best paintings of the 20th century

best paintings

Contemporary art is a wide diversity of styles, manners and interpretations of the outer and inner world. Leonid Afremov is one of its brightest representatives who possess their own inimitable pattern. The majority of his artistic works are available on his official website at http://afremov.com. But let’s make a step backward and peep behind the scenes of the modernity – into the 20th century. Which artists and paintings are considered to be torches of art in that time? Continue reading Best paintings of the 20th century

Palette knife: New painting designs and techniques

painting designs

Nowadays, artists resort to various non-traditional painting tools to add expression and depth to their works. One of such tools widely employed in recent years is palette knife. Basically, it is a flat steel blade attached to a wooden handle that is used to apply paint to canvas. Because of its special properties, palette knife allows you to create various painting designs that can’t be replicated with a brush. Here are some rules to help you get started: Continue reading Palette knife: New painting designs and techniques

How to prepare the walls for painting?

painting walls

We long for versatility and one way to bring it into our life is home renovation. Fresh colors, new furnishings, beautiful décor… We can’t wait to get started! But it won’t work if you fail to prepare your walls for painting. Peeling paint, cracks and dints, old stains showing through can spoil the result before you even get started. Don’t worry, these simple tips will make the process of painting walls easy and comfortable for you! Continue reading How to prepare the walls for painting?

7 great room painting ideas for your apartment

room painting ideas

Different colors and their shades have great influence not only on our mood, but also on out perception of space. If you know how to combine them properly, you can change your home in a surprising way using only your knowledge about cold and warm shades. The right proportion of colors will help you underline the strong points of your apartment as well as hide its drawbacks. Continue reading 7 great room painting ideas for your apartment

5 abstract oil painting techniques you should learn

abstract oil painting

When non-art related people look at abstract paintings for the first time, all they usually see is chaotic splashes of color. And nobody can blame them for being wrong. Do you know what the coolest thing about abstract painting is? It’s a non-objective art and thus  can be anything you want it to be. Whether you need some great techniques to sharpen your skills as an abstract artist, or you’re just getting started in the world of abstract art, here is a collection of five most interesting painting techniques you will be able to recreate on your own. Continue reading 5 abstract oil painting techniques you should learn