Modern abstract art for your apartment

modern abstract art

Designing your interior

We spend most of life at home, so naturally we try to make it as nice and cozy as we can. Buying beautiful furniture, splurging on expensive house appliances, furnishing bare walls with lovely decorations – all this requires a good deal of creativity and designer’s taste. If you have trouble choosing a painting for your room, play it safe by going with modern abstract art. Continue reading Modern abstract art for your apartment

The Sacred Place

canvas wall art contemporary

The Wall

The Jews all over the world turn to the Western Wall when praying. It is the symbol of national unity and glory, the holiest place for Judaism:

  • Israelis gather at the Wall on holidays, like Tisha B’Av, celebrate Bar and Bat Mitzvah.
  • It is the spot of pilgrimage for millions of people every year.
  • The Jews and non-Jews come here to put prayer notes between the stones.
  • The soldiers of Israel Defense Forces swear loyalty to their homeland at the Western Wall Plaza.

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Parks as a major theme in Leonid Afremov artwork

canvas artwork online

Variety of genres

Leonid Afremov is a modern artist known all over the world for his bright and inspiring paintings that are highly appreciated by contemporary art critiques and welcomed in world-class galleries. However, the artist prefers to run his own business and manages a website where you can buy a Continue reading Parks as a major theme in Leonid Afremov artwork

What is better: art online auction or regular auction houses?

art online

Why to sell online

Today fine art has become closer to people thanks to a wide range of online art galleries, auctions and exhibitions. Most contemporary artists prefer selling their pieces through the Internet rather than organizing auctions at special houses. The latter is costly and time-consuming while online art auction website is a great opportunity to make your artworks constantly available to buyers. Continue reading What is better: art online auction or regular auction houses?

Australian themes in modern art

australian artist

The dream of Australian artists

The white hot blur of the sun hanging high in the sky, splendid beaches fringed with opulent palms and gentle ocean waves rolling lazily towards the shore – this is Australia as we know and love it. There is hardly any other country in the world that is so beautiful and exciting. Aside from admiring the views, you can indulge in a great number of awesome activities: Continue reading Australian themes in modern art

Modern cityscape: splash of night colors

art canvas

Magic night in the city

If you need to buy an art canvas with a cityscape scene, what would you choose – a city depiction in the daytime or a bright festive painting full of numerous lights reflected from the night lanterns? Many people prefer admiring the beauty of the city at night as such pictures better suit their home design and overall atmosphere. Continue reading Modern cityscape: splash of night colors


abstract example

The art of notions

Many painting art styles do not belong to pure representational art since they have an abstract thought (example: geometric forms, expressive color palette, uncommon compositions, and so on). Such an artwork made in a conceptual manner does not represent any real item, but depicts an unrecognizable object in eccentric colors and fantastic shapes. Continue reading ABSTRACT MANNER IN ART