Best paintings of the 20th century

best paintings

Contemporary art is a wide diversity of styles, manners and interpretations of the outer and inner world. Leonid Afremov is one of its brightest representatives who possess their own inimitable pattern. The majority of his artistic works are available on his official website at But let’s make a step backward and peep behind the scenes of the modernity – into the 20th century. Which artists and paintings are considered to be torches of art in that time?

  • Pablo Picasso and his ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’. The picture portrays five Spanish prostitutes featuring unfeminine, distorted and disjointed shapes. Two of them seem to wear African masks that hide their faces; the fact was taken for racial primitivism.
  • Salvador Dali and his ‘The Persistence of Memory’. The images of slowly melting pocket watches, strange human-like figure embody an idea of ‘fading’ reality, rapid time flow and constant transformation of shapes and meanings.
  • Gustav Klimt and his ’The Kiss’. This work portrays an embracing couple wearing elaborate robes with geometrical ornament. It is considered to be the greatest work of the artist and a symbol of Viennese Art Nouveau.
  • Paul Cézanne and his ‘Mont Ste-Victoire’. The Montagne Sainte-Victoire is one of the most favorite images appearing on the Cézanne’s canvases. He applies geometrical approach and play of colors to create deep and extraordinary landscapes.
  • Edward Hopper and his ‘Nighthawks’. Brilliantly made from a technical point of view, this well-known painting of the American artist still puzzles viewers who try to unravel its meanings, themes and messages.
  • Henri Matisse and his ‘The Dance’. The work of Matisse justly joins the ranks of best paintings of the 20th It is a bright example of fauvism art style because of extraordinary contrasts of colors, dynamic character of images and emotions, freedom in expression and comprehension of art.
  • Jackson Pollock and his ‘Autumn Rhythm’. A master of ‘drip’ painting, Jackson Pollock creates choreography of strokes, lines, blurs, quirks and other abstract elements that builds up a complex, lyrical and very sensitive composition.
  • Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and his ‘Berlin Street Scene’. A series of seven paintings called ‘Berlin Street’ is considered to be the highpoint of the artist’s career as a whole. It is a proof of his constant rebellion against traditional forms of art.
  • Paul Cezanne and his ‘The Large Bathers’. Abstract images of nude women, primitive landscape, soft colors and tense contours, geometrical elements, sensible ambience of the picture make it a masterpiece of modern art and one of the best paintings ever created by the ingenious artist.

Mark Rothko and his ‘Orange and Yellow’. This abstract painting that consists of two separated rectangles of yellow and orange colors enswathes viewers with its warmth and softness. The artist was right to ask people to stand as close as possible in order to be visually surrounded by the colors and feel the ambience of his painting.

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